Hi, welcome to thegintimechronicles.

Ok, so who am I?

Me? I’m kind of a late starter. Arguably prehistoric. I’ve always had words – more than I can say, so I have had to let them out onto paper (take a look at ‘Before Gintime: How it all Began’ for more on this). Now I am kicking them off into a space much bigger than that, assuming I can keep working round the toolkit.

Oh yes, and I’m a girl. Woman. Old battleaxe. Depending on whose description you choose to adopt.IMG_0227.jpg

Things I like? I like the sun in winter, and the smell of woodsmoke against a summer moon. I like to run, especially in the rain. I like the two adults who I created and now consider me a brontosaurus.

I like travelling to places I have never been before, especially on boats, and returning to the comfort-blanket ones over and over. I like to make things out of silver and I like the smell of heating spices in my kitchen. I like to find the things that make me laugh.

I like – very much – the UK area of outstanding natural beauty in which I live and even its reliably grey, rain-piddling sky (except in August..)



I like a nice cold gin on a warm evening and above all I like Parmesan cheese.

I like to write it all down, let the words out to play, and share their weird alchemy..


That’s about it. Usually, no gin is involved.images.jpeg