ok here I am, the Italian Marginated Tortoise.

“Last year, I met this Porcupine,  living a little further north into Tuscany than me, and he tried to tell me he!d been quietly minding his own business, trotting across the road at dusk, when a car-thing screeched to a halt, to allow him to cross…

Right, said he ( thinking ok, this is where I get marinaded in herbs & eaten…) bug they all got out to look at me and they were going Ooooh a Porcupine!!! Like I was from bloody Mars or something. Suits me. I trotted on..

Get on, I said, you’re taking the piss ( sorry but…). Then would you believe, this year , when I was snaffling up some vegetation close to the Lago Di Santa Luce…some person-peoples screeched their car to a halt on a dirt track in Tuscany…and said

OMG is that an …..Italian Marginated Tortoise…

hey yeah. Maybe. Who needs Florence, eh? “IMG_1228



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