The expansion of cats

Yes, I confess to sharing my home with a couple of cats. And I recognise that for many people the appeal of sharing space with 50 claws attached to a random-brained, unpredictable eating machine is something unfathomable and a sure-fire sign of weirdness.

Not so.

Cats are magic. They have special powers beyond human reasoning.

Here is Tiggy. She is going to demonstrate one such power …


“Behold. By day I am a delicate little poopkin, no bigger than a wickle melon.


By night, my body mass triples, quadruples even, and I expAAAAAaand into a thing of monstrous proportions.


Because of this trans-mogrification I am not allowed to sleep on their bed.

( the morning I will get in and Sit on her Face. Heh.)”


2 thoughts on “The expansion of cats

  1. Who ever says there is no magic left in the world certainly doesn’t share a home with cats…or dogs actually…oooohhh, or kids. Come to think of it, they’re obviously crazy because magic is EVERYWHERE, especially in your writing 😉


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